Former Stone Soup Author Starts Her Own Magazine

Did you ever dream of starting your own literary magazine? Former Stone Soup contributor Madelyne Xiao, whose story “Mung Bean Noodles and French Bread” appeared in the May/June 2010 issue of Stone Soup, is making her dream a reality with the founding of a literary magazine for creative high school students (ages 13 to 19) called Vademecum. The editors are seeking submissions of poetry, photography, essays, and prose for their inaugural issue.

Madelyne, now a junior in high school, says, “Thanks to Stone Soup, I was exposed to the wonderful, rough-and-tumble world of literary magazines from an early age — an exposure that, I feel, has only increased my fervor for the written word. During my sophomore year, as I went about submitting various poems and short stories to high school literary magazines, I found that there was a dearth of true print publications. Most of the publications I came across had been discontinued after a few experimental issues or were low quality e-zines. Few publications had the quality of, well, Stone Soup. And I thought that was something I could amend.”

Madelyne hopes to publish the inaugural issue of her quarterly magazine in Summer 2013.  Visit the Vademecum website to learn more about the magazine, how to contribute your work, and how to subscribe. We wish Madelyne the very best of luck!

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