The Stone Soup Book of Poetry

We are pleased to announce the publication of The Stone Soup Book of Poetry, the fifth volume in our series of anthologies of writing from past issues of Stone Soup. I confess, the Poetry anthology is my favorite of the five. While it’s nice to have a mixture of stories, poems, and book reviews in each issue of the magazine, an entire book of poems by children turns out to be a revelation. From lyrical to humorous to poignant, these poems show us the world through the eyes of children. We divided the 68 poems in the anthology into six sections: The Four Seasons, Friends and Family, Animals, Nighttime, Nature, and Reflections. We’re so proud of all our young authors. Here’s one of our favorite poems:

Peeling Apples
By Katie Ferman, age 12

Carefully, warily,
Sitting with my mom at the kitchen table.
She peels quickly: in a few swift moments
One twisted apple peel sits on the cutting board.
I try to copy her, but no—
The knife slips and
Cuts off a small chip of the red peel.
Trying again, I get lost in the smell of the ripening fruit
(Sweet, almost sickly sweet),
Filling the room with a scent like my grandma’s house.
And I start to remember the first time
The first time I had her apple pie—
I wrinkled my nose and said, “Too sweet!”
(Now it’s my favorite dessert.)
The first time I buttoned up my coat
To keep out the cold on an October day,
The first time I read a book
To my mother in broken, unsteady words,
The first time I tied my shoe
After hours of torture and trial—
And as I think of this,
I barely notice the one, perfect apple peel
Sitting on the cutting board in front of me.

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