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Stories, poems, book reviews, author readings - you’ll find a wealth of material in this portion of our Web site. Follow the links in the sidebar to a world of creative young people, everything from the featured story in the current issue of Stone Soup to a bestselling novel written by an 8-year-old in 1919. We know of no other place on the Internet where you can listen to young authors reading their own stories - don’t miss these unique recordings! Sit back, relax, and spend some time with the dozens of highlights from past issues. And when you feel inspired by our young writers to create your own work, be sure to send it to us..

Free Stories and Poems by Kids
from Stone Soup Magazine

Over the last forty years Stone Soup Magazine has published more than 10,000 pages of writing and art by children ages 8 to 13. Enter the Stone Soup Archive to enjoy hundreds of examples of stories, poems, book reviews, and illustrations from past issues of Stone Soup.

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