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by Matthew McDaniel, age 13


by Brendan Grant, age 11


by Marcos Rodrigo Cornelio de Brito, age 11

America Ever After

by Tae Kathleen Keller, age 8

An Autumn Night

by Sofía Soní, age 8

An Autumn Storm

by Rosemary Engelfried, age 13


by Cody Banks, age 12

The Answer of the Night

by Elizabeth Sughrue, age 7

April Morning

by Nathan Vogel, age 12

Asleep at Last

by Travis Wilkins-Smith, age 12


by Gabriel Wainio-Théberge, age 12

Back Down to Earth

by Jacob Dysart, age 13

Beating the Storm

by Alec Zollman, age 13

The Best Time of the Day

by Michael Frye, age 13

The Boy and His Grammaw

by Timmy McWhirter, age 12

The Brown-and-White Tabby

by Mia Ba-Lu Hildebrandt, age 12

But Still It Waits

by Nicholas Bonavolonta, age 12

The Canal Towpath

by Rory Lipkis, age 9

Cape Cod Bay Tide

by Sophie Ruehr, age 11

Choir of Autumn's End

by Gabriel Wainio-Théberge, age 12

Coming into the Light

by Mark Roberts, age 11


by Maya Koretzky, age 12

The Cool Counter

by Nicholas Wilsdorf, age 12

The Crash

by Mark Roberts, age 10


by Andrew Lee, age 13

The Dancer

by Anna Preston, age 12


by Sophia Gehrmann, age 13


by Wujun Ke, age 13

The Day Before Fat Tuesday

by Alice Baumgartner, age 12


by Mark Roberts, age 12

Doing the Tango

by John Roberts, age 13

Early Spring

by Ava Alexander, age 11


by Alyssa Fowers, age 13


by Greta Nelson, age 12

Empty Spotlight

by Cora W. Bucher, age 13


by Olivia Ascione D'Elia, age 13

Evening on the Fish Pond

by Danny Musher, age 11

Fall Days

by Katie Macpherson, age 12


by Natalia M. Thompson, age 11

Firefly Sky

by Jennifer Hu, age 13

The First Snowflake

by Sarah Kim Perry, age 11


by Cedar Lee, age 12

For Grandma

by Sayre White, age 13

Forgive Me

by Zoe Paschkis, age 12

Friday Night at Miss Farida.s Piano Lesson

by Tae Kathleen Keller, age 8

Frog Song

by Nicole Guenther, age 13

Ghost Park

by Sariel Hana Friedman, age 9

Good-bye Gwen

by Molly Goode, age 7


by Alexa Bryn, age 11


by Mark Roberts, age 10

Grandpa’s Memories

by Mushka Bogomilsky, age 10

Gray Fingers of Rain

by Natalie Lam, age 12

Hanging the Laundry

by Isabel Sutter, age 12

Happiness in the Johnson Family

by Colin Johnson, age 11


by Misha Kydd, age 12


by Sojourner Salil Ahebee, age 10

I Am a Golden Trout

by Colin Johnson, age 11

I Taste the Sky

by Isaac Kamgar, age 11

If I Could Choose . . .

by Jennifer Chin, age 11

I Ripped It

by Andrea Begin, age 12


by Karen Black, age 12

Joys of the Night

by Katie Ferman, age 13

The Leaf and the Web

by Taylor Nelsen, age 11

Leaf of Sunshine

by Laurel Gibson, age 12

Life Without You

by Laberije Shala, age 13

The Lonely Star

by Cayley Ziak, age 12

The Loss of a Leaf

by Peter Satterthwaite, age 13

Magical Moments

by Jean Hope Sack, age 12

Maputo Saturday Craft Market

by Rebecca Beatriz Chavez, age 11


by Eddie Mansius, age 13


by Julia Lipkis, age 12

Mi Abuela

by Anna Lueck, age 12


by Pierie Korostoff, age 12

The Moon

by Stewart Hoelscher, age 13


by Lauren MacGuidwin, age 12

Morning Walk

by Mark Roberts, age 13


by Emily Riippa, age 13

My Landlord on an August Morning

by Alyssum Quaglia, age 12

My Trixie

by Emma Kilgore Hine, age 13

My Dad

by Brendan Cunningham, age 8

The Mystery of Cats

by Marley Powell, age 12


by Nicole Guenther, age 12

A New Brother

by Ryan Sparks, age 12


by Julia Fine, age 10

Night in the Woods

by Amanda Johnson, age 13

Night Lives

by Natalie Fine, age 12

Night Magic

by Sarah Dougherty, age 11

No Simple Thank You

by Mark Roberts, age 10

The Ocean

by William Ilgen, age 9

Ocean Memories

by Eden A. Marish Roehr, age 9

Ode to Marbles

by Max Mendelsohn, age 12

The Old Barn

by Rosemaryt Gillis, age 12

One Night in Autumn

by Rhiannon Grodnik, age 12

One Snake’s Life

by Ben Amoss, age 10

On This Sunday Morning: The Bombing in Birmingham

by Jessica Limbacher, age 11

Opening Night

by Angela Allen, age 13

The Opposite Direction

by Benjamin Firsick, age 11

Peeling Apples

by Katie Ferman, age 11

Penalty Kick

by Hudson Jetton, age 12


by Emina S. Sonnad, age 12


by Kym Goodsell, age 13


by Rosina Dee, age 10

The Redwing Blackbird

by Nina Wilson, age 10

Riding the Gondola

by Anna Elizabeth Blech, age 12


by Claudia Celovsky, age 13

The Sea

by Laura Ranger, age 7

The Sea

by Wujun Ke, age 13

The Sea's Hug

by Annie Rudisill, age 11


by Marley Powell, age 12

The Sounds of the Night

by Morgan Harris Green, age 8

The Storm

by Lincoln Hartnett, age 10

A Streaking Star

by Ann Pedtke, age 11

Summer Stillness

by Erica Trauba, age 12

Summer Winds

by Sam Brandis-Dann, age 11


by Dalia Sabbagh, age 13


by Janis Bartkiewicz, age 13


by Rhiannon Grodnik, age 11


by Nicole Guenther, age 12

There Was a Blizzard

by Alice Provost Simmons, age 10

Thirteen Ways to Look at Autumn

by Kelly Dai, age 12

Tickle Me Pink

by Marissa Bergman, age 12

The Tide of Happiness

by Mira Bernstein Kaufman, age 11


by Sharon Yazzie, age 12

To Sleep

by Juliet B. Quaglia, age 10

Treasure Box

by Mark Roberts, age 11


by Julius Talker, age 7


by James Yellowman, age 8

A View to Kill

by Bradley Culley, age 11


by Laine Bruzek, age 12

When I Understood

by Malini Gandhi, age 13

When I Was Five

by Ashok Kaul, age 11


by Carolyn Nash, age 13


by Dylan Sherman, age 10


by Riley Grace Carlson, age 9


by Danica Lee, age 12

Winter Delights

by Ashley Owens, age 13

Winter Light

by Miyo Kurosaki, age 12

Winter Walk

by Dylan Geiger, age 11

The Wolf

by Caley Scheppegrell, age 13

You . . . and Your Dad

by Katie Ferman, age 11

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