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Turn Left at the Cow by Lisa Bullard

Reviewed by Max T. Smith, age 10, Evanston, Illinois

When I read this book, I realized right away how it got its name. In the first part of the book, when the main character, Travis, is describing the setting of the book and how rural it is, he says, “I stared out the window, wondering how this place could qualify as a state. How… read more »

Playing for the Commandant by Suzy Zail

Reviewed by Sophie Beatrice Cooper, age 12, New York, New York

When Suzy Zail, author of Playing for the Commandant, details how Hanna, our young Jewish protagonist, was shipped with her family to the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, I couldn’t help but remember Anne Frank, whose life after her diary ended was very similar to Hanna’s. But Hanna, unlike Anne (who later died in a German… read more »

Unstoppable by Tim Green

Reviewed by Sun-Woo Kang, age 12, Chesterfield, Maryland

Unstoppable, by Tim Green, is a great book about determination, perseverance, and the value of family. It shows us the inner struggle cancer survivors go through each day, along with the battle they have to fight every minute of their lives. One of my favorite moments is at the very end. It’s when Harrison recovers… read more »

The Spy Catchers of Maple Hill by Megan Frazer

Reviewed by Adelle C. Macdowell, age 11, Johnson, Vermont

In 1953 Hazel Kaplansky is a fifth-grader who wants badly to be a detective. She has read all the Nancy Drew books in her library, feels that she is the perfect sleuth, and is prepared to solve any mystery that comes her way. But none ever do. Until… rumors of communist spies in Hazel’s own… read more »

Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper

Reviewed by Lila Gaudrault, age 12, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Eleven-year-old Melody Brooks is a genius. She remembers everything that has ever happened to her, from the lullabies her parents sang to her as a baby to the words from every documentary and TV show she’s ever watched. Melody’s life is like a movie, and she remembers every bit of it. There is only one… read more »

Wake Up Missing by Kate Messner

Reviewed by Abraham Lawrence, age 13, Eugene, Oregon

“The most terrifying thing about hitting your head so hard is when you wake up missing pieces of yourself.” This is what the main character, Cat, tells the reader near the beginning of Kate Messner’s novel, Wake Up Missing. Cat is a twelve-year-old girl who has a concussion from falling off of an observation platform in a tree… read more »