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The Million Dollar Putt by Dan Gutman

Reviewed by Shenna He, age 12, Burnaby, British Columbia

If you happen to be walking along the shelves in the library and it’s a rainy afternoon and you’re looking for a short but enchanting story, then The Million Dollar Putt, by Dan Gutman, is for you. Dan Gutman has made the life of a blind kid realistic, not to the point that you’re bewildered… read more »

Kizzy Ann Stamps by Jeri Watts

Reviewed by Autumn Owens, age 11, Bryan, Ohio

Kizzy Ann Stamps is a normal girl. She has a dog named Shag. She lives on a farm with her mother, father, and brother. But there’s one catch to this whole “normal girl” business: Kizzy Ann is black. Today, that wouldn’t be a problem. However, in Kizzy’s time of 1963, being black would have been a huge… read more »

The Blackhope Enigma by Teresa Flavin

Reviewed by Jessica Bernt, age 12, Brampton, Ontario

What? When? Why? These were the thoughts running through my head as I flipped through The Blackhope Enigma. Written by Teresa Flavin, this novel is a perfect example of when reality and fantasy clash and the result is beautiful. What is an enigma? An enigma is something that is puzzling or mystifying that just cannot… read more »

The Lucy Variations by Sara Zarr

Reviewed by Kaylee Ayres, age 12, Cape Coral, Florida

An inspiring tale of a young musician finding her place in this crazy world, The Lucy Variations is a journey about finding yourself and accomplishing your dreams no matter what giant obstacles are blocking your way. Lucy’s little brother’s new music teacher, Will, plays a big part. He helps Lucy find a side of herself she has… read more »

Summer of the Wolves by Polly Carlson-Voiles

Reviewed by Sarah Haynes, age 12, Weare, New Hampshire

Polly Carlson-Voiles’s Summer of the Wolves is a wonderful book about a twelve-year-old girl named Nika and her younger brother who were recently orphaned and are being sent to their long-lost uncle’s house in Minnesota for the summer. Nika’s uncle studies wolf migration patterns, and one day, when Nika joins her uncle to go observe… read more »

Calvin Coconut: Rocket Ride by Graham Salisbury

Reviewed by Eric Yang, age 9, Wellesley, Massachusetts

This book is about a kid named Calvin who is getting bullied to give the bully a ticket to his dad’s concert. Calvin lives in Hawaii. His dad is coming there for his band performance. His dad is a famous rock star. Calvin hasn’t seen him for four years, so he is very nervous to… read more »

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua

Reviewed by Ana Sofia Uzsoy, age 13, Cary, North Carolina

Sophia and Louisa Chua are perfect kids. They get straight A’s and are the best at everything. Sophia played piano at Carnegie Hall when she was fourteen; Louisa was accepted as a student of the world-famous violinist Naoko Tanaka. This sounds incredible, right? Meet Amy Chua: Yale Law professor and “Tiger Mother.” She forces her daughters… read more »

Castle of Shadows by Ellen Renner

Reviewed by Olivia Zeiner-Morrish, age 12, Washington, New Jersey

Charlie is the princess of Quale. Yes, she lives in a castle, with gardens and servants that cook and clean. But ever since her mother disappeared five years ago, Charlie has been all alone. Her father the king has gone mad and Charlie is surrounded by people who don’t care about her. She has to… read more »

My Mixed-Up Berry Blue Summer by Jennifer Gennari

Reviewed by Rachel Harris, age 11, Pasadena, California

My Mixed-Up Berry Blue Summer is a book about politics and pie. June Farrell is a twelve-year-old girl living in Vermont whose talent is making delicious pies. All she wanted to do over summer vacation was go swimming in Lake Champlain and enter the Champlain Valley Fair Pie Competition. But everything changes when Eva, her… read more »

Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai

Reviewed by Annie Sheehan-Dean, age 10, Morgantown, West Virginia

Last year, my family and I moved from Florida to West
 Virginia and it was a disaster. The movers came late,
 our kayak fell off our car roof while my parents were driving down a highway at about two o’clock in the morning, and we moved into our new house late so for twelve days we had… read more »