We have a small staff. All of us do a little bit of everything, but we each have our specialties. Questions about your subscription? Contact our Subscription Department:

Gerry Mandel, co-founder and co-editor of Stone Soup, oversees the editing, design, and production of each issue. Direct all editorial questions to Ms. Mandel. She also manages reprint rights and marketing for Stone Soup.

Gerry lives in a Victorian house in downtown Santa Cruz with her cat, Rosie. She loves classical music and, when she’s not working on Stone Soup, she enjoys studying the recorder and the baroque flute.


William Rubel, co-founder and co-editor of Stone Soup, had the original inspiration to publish work by young people. William is excited about making improvements to our website and working on the iPad edition of Stone Soup.

William is also an author and food historian. Visit his website: He lives in Santa Cruz with his daughter, Stella.


Michael KingMichael King, administration and special projects, handles bookstore/distributor sales, and he assists William Rubel with web and digital-media projects.

Michael is the author of the fantasy novel Lorien Lost, published with St. Martin’s Press in 1996. As a hobby, he has taught English country dancing for many years.


Barbara Harker, administrative assistant, does a little bit of everything around the office. Contact Barbara if you need general information about Stone Soup.

Barbara and her husband, John, have two grown children, Alex and Brian. Barbara enjoys walking her energetic Brittany, Rowen. She also keeps chickens in her backyard.

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